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Heavy Bleeding

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Heavy bleeding can make it difficult to get through normal daily routines. There are treatments that can help, and the practitioners at Raveco Medical are ready to sit down with you in an office in the Forest Hills or Woodside areas of Queens, New York, to explore your options. When you’re ready to schedule a visit, reach out to the practice online or by phone to find a time that fits your busy life. 

Heavy Bleeding Q & A

What is heavy bleeding?

Every woman has a unique experience when it comes to menstrual bleeding. The length of your periods, as well as their timing and the volume of bleeding, can vary over time or even from month to month. 

Knowing when your experience falls outside the norm isn’t always easy. However, some guidelines help you understand where your period falls in terms of what is “average” or “normal.”

In general, abnormal bleeding is identified as periods that:

  • Bleeding through your pads or tampons within a couple of hours
  • Bleeding for more than seven days in a row
  • Bleeding at unusual times, like after sex or in between your periods
  • Periods that occur more than 35 days apart or less than 28 days apart

Abnormal bleeding is most common in women who are in their reproductive years, but it can also occur in women who have already gone through menopause. 

What could be causing my heavy bleeding?

Several different things can cause or worsen abnormal bleeding. Some of the potential causes include:

  • Uterine fibroids
  • Uterine polyps
  • Hormonal birth control methods
  • Certain gynecologic cancers
  • Extreme weight gain or loss
  • Endometriosis
  • Polycystic ovary syndrome

The best way to understand what might be causing your abnormal bleeding is to come in for a thorough diagnostic work-up, including a pelvic exam. 

What are some treatment options for heavy bleeding?

Your treatment plan depends on the conditions that are causing problematic bleeding. In some cases, all that’s needed is a change in your birth control. Many women find relief by switching to a different type of birth control pill or more long-lasting options like birth control injections or implants. 

Another option is a treatment called MARA™. This is a water vapor ablation treatment that reduces heavy bleeding by creating a permanent reduction in the thickness of your uterine lining. 

A form of endometrial ablation, MARA treatment is only suitable for women who are certain that they do not wish to become pregnant in the future. Treatment will permanently alter the lining of your uterus. 

The treatment takes just a few moments, but you’ll be in the office for an hour or two. Some cramping and vaginal discharge is normal, but most women are able to return to work and other routines within a couple of days. 

To learn more, call Raveco Medical during normal business hours to book a visit or schedule online any time of day.  


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