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Cord Blood Banking

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Cord blood banking preserves potent healing cells in case your child needs them as part of a later life-saving treatment. At Raveco Medical in Queens, New York, the team of dedicated medical professionals works in partnership with the leading cord blood bank, Cryo-Cell International Inc. Both private cord blood banking and cord blood donation are available, putting you at the forefront of medical innovation. Phone the office today or click the online booking button to schedule your consultation.

Cord Blood Banking Q & A

What is cord blood banking?

After your baby is born, some of their blood is left behind in the umbilical cord. Cord blood banking preserves that blood in a safe, controlled environment for the long term.

You have access to this blood if your child or another immediate family member needs it as part of a later treatment.

Cryo-Cell International Inc. was the first private cord blood bank in the world. Raveco Medical works closely with Cryo-Cell International Inc. to provide private cord blood banking and cord blood donation.

What are the benefits of cord blood banking?

Cord blood is filled with powerful healing cells that can treat some types of cancer and other life-threatening diseases.

Banking gives you access to cord blood that’s a perfect match for your child and a close match to immediate relatives. There are many situations in which you might need that blood later.

For example, The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society explains that high-dose cancer treatments (chemotherapy and radiation) can badly damage the cells that make blood. After those treatments, patients might need a transplant containing cord blood cells. This transplant helps restore blood and encourages ongoing production.

People with an inherited or acquired immune system disease might need a transplant containing cord blood cells to revitalize their immune system’s function.

To Date, cord blood transplants have treated more than 80 diseases in more than 50,000 transplant procedures. Research is ongoing, and cord blood might have many additional uses in disease treatment.

Is cord blood donation the same as cord blood banking?

No, they are two different things. You can opt for private cord blood banking, which involves preserving the cord blood for your family’s use. You pay an annual storage fee and always have access to that blood when needed.

Cord blood donation involves donating your baby’s cord blood to further research into disease and disease treatments. Raveco Medical and Cryo-Cell International Inc. started a donation program in 2023. As a thank you for your donation, you receive $50.

Cryo-Cell International Inc. is the industry leader in processing cord blood and birth tissue. They use the most advanced techniques to gather the most potent healing cells and adhere to the strictest accreditation standards.

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