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Having a baby is an exciting time for a couple. At Raveco Medical we strive to make your pregnancy healthy and comfortable. Our process begins with a confirmation of pregnancy at 8 weeks, at this time we will establish a due date and plan for the remainder of your pregnancy. Our babies are born at South Nassau Hospital or Forrest Hills Hospital. Below are our obstetrical services:

The Obstetrics division at Raveco Medical provides the following services to the woman of your family that chooses us to provide the special care and treatment they require.

  1. Midwifery: A midwife attends the childbirth, provides support during labor and delivery. Also the midwifery supervises the general care of women and child directly after birth. At Raveco Medical we offer comprehensive women's health care and assistance as well as nurse-midwifery services that provide a unique prenatal care and birthing experience.
  2. Nutrition and Excercise during Pregnancy: A balanced diet is a basic part of good health at all times in your life specifically for women considering the fact of giving birth to a new born. During pregnancy, a nutritious diet is even more important. The diet that women acquire is the main source of nutrients for their own health as well as their baby’s health. Healthy eating during pregnancy may take a little effort, but it will be a major benefit for both – the woman and the baby.
    If you have not been eating a healthy diet, pregnancy is a great time to modify old habits and start healthy new ones.
  3. Prenatal Care: Whether the woman may undergo an entirely normal pregnancy or with special needs, Raveco Medical team will provide facilities and expert guidance through prenatal care or post-natal situation.


My Pregnancy test is positive.

  • When should I consult a doctor for prenatal care?
    You should call as soon as possible to schedule an appointment that will take place between the sixth and eighth weeks of your pregnancy. You may be advised to begin taking prenatal vitamins if you are not already doing so.
    If you feel you need to be seen sooner, ask to speak with our office manager so an appointment for you can be placed.
  • Who should I call?
    One of the most important decisions an expectant mother will make is the choice of obstetrician. When weighing your options, consider which facts makes Raveco Medical exceptional.

    Whenever you are expecting your first baby or adding a new little one to your family, we at Raveco Medical consider it a privilege to share in the joy of your birth experience. From the first day of your pregnancy through the early months of your child’s life, we work with you to create most positive, satisfying and healthy experience possible for you, your new born and your entire family. Our focus is on you, your preferences, your convenience and your health. Our experienced physicians have privileges at . Unlike many private practices, we offer onsite routine OB and pelvic ultrasounds. Also, we offer evening and weekend appointments.

    As you explore our website, you will discover that Raveco Medical team provides far more than obstetrical services. We offer a continuum of quality gynecological care for women of all ages.
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