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What Is a High-Risk Pregnancy?

Learning you’re pregnant is an exciting - and sometimes overwhelming - time. The overwhelm is especially true if you have existing health conditions that can make a pregnancy high-risk.

To help you navigate your special medical concerns and the needs of your new baby, we offer comprehensive high-risk pregnancy care at Raveco Medical.

Our high-risk services focus on identifying your risk factors for complications in you or your baby during a pregnancy. We also ensure you have what you need to enjoy a healthy, full-term pregnancy.

Factors that make a pregnancy high-risk

A high-risk pregnancy involves increased risk for complications that can harm an expectant mother or her baby.

Our obstetrics team at Raveco Medical might consider your pregnancy high-risk if you have existing medical conditions, like diabetes, high blood pressure, or lupus. Mothers who are older than 35 might also have an increased risk for pregnancy and birth complications.

If you’re carrying multiple babies, you may benefit from the extra care you receive from the available high-risk pregnancy services.

Other factors that can make your pregnancy high-risk include:

We evaluate your medical history and existing health to determine if you require high-risk pregnancy care. Our obstetrics team works closely with you throughout your pregnancy to ensure a safe labor and delivery for both you and your baby.

What to expect from high-risk pregnancy care

High-risk pregnancy care offers the same high-quality prenatal care you expect, but you receive more personalized attention during your visits. You also meet with your obstetrician at Raveco Medical more frequently for close monitoring.

As part of high-risk pregnancy care, you may need additional screenings to evaluate the growth and development of your baby. Screenings also carefully track any changes in your health as an expectant mom. These screenings might include:

We can also address factors, like stress and mental health issues that can contribute to a high-risk pregnancy. For instance, if you need to take medications for depression or anxiety, our team can help you do it safely throughout your pregnancy and after childbirth.

Striving for a positive outcome

Many women who are considered to have a high-risk pregnancy go on to have a safe and uncomplicated childbirth experience. We focus on helping you and your baby thrive for a lifetime through our high-risk pregnancy services.

To ensure a positive outcome and pregnancy experience, schedule a consultation with our caring and compassionate team as soon as you think you’re pregnant. We can do a pregnancy test on-site to confirm the good news and perform a thorough evaluation of your health to determine if you need high-risk care.

Learn more about your options for high-risk pregnancy care by calling the Raveco Medical office nearest you or booking your appointment online today. 

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